Scan10002I was born in a very old town called Bad Homburg, Germany,which has a 1200 years- old castle in its very centre and a long and colourful history.

michel 1 year

Some of my favourite memories in life include, many hours spent riding my beloved Arabian and pinto horses siona and yakima and walking  my beautiful husky dogs shiva and sky through the forest and mountains that surround my native home.


In my childhood,  in the summertime I would build tree houses with my friends in this gorgeous forest and during the wintertime,  I often  ice-skated for hours on natural frozen lakes in a white magical,  seemingly endless landscape.

Whenever I rode through this beautiful native forest, I experienced the greatest sense of  freedom and the deepest connection with nature. That started my love and passion for the planet earth and the need to express this creatively. Even at seven years old,  I was already drawn to indigenous African and native American-Indian cultures. I strongly connect with this following quote:

Scan10001” Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught, will we realise, we cannot eat  MONEY .”  This is a Native American Cree saying by Wolf  Robe in 1909.


I agree with these sentiments whole heartedly as we ”can’t ever own the earth” and we need to learn to respect and honour this great and unique place…

In my youth, self expression and creativity was present in everything I did,  whether it was interior decorating, cooking, woodwork, craft, drawing…

black line

By the age of sixteen, I decided to express this gift by becoming not only a hairstylist, but a master teacher in hair-design and a management expert in the trade. To achieve this I attained a master teacher qualification over eight- year period in all aspects of hair-styling/design, teaching and management. My studies included business and personal management, sociology (teaching youth), marketing, business and civil law, economics, chemistry and biology, anatomy, health and safety…  Once I completed my studies I managed several hair styling salons and taught the staff in the business new cutting and colouring skills and began my own hair-design business in Frankfurt and Berlin.

My strong individual desire for adventure led me to take flight to explore this mysterious world.  My first port of call was Australia,  the fantastic fifth  spiritual continent that I fell deeply in love with.  Discovering it’s vast desert


and rain forest just stirred so many incredible emotions within me,  which I can’t describe in words ! Naturally my spiritual connection to that sacred land and the indigenous people grew stronger and stronger.  It was the beginning of my spiritual journey like ‘ Walk About ‘ mine was now an inborn life as a gypsy.

Reluctantly,  returning to Germany my soul yearned for me to begin painting and drawing this extraordinary journey.  The sand, particular colours, the sky, the brilliant light and shimmering heat never left me and I felt called to express the spiritual essence of Australian Outback creatively.  This and many other facets of Australia inspired my first


exhibition DREAMTIME-AUSTRALIA, which exhibited in Berlin,  Germany. Earlier in the 90s,  I fully embraced and devoured the fantastic outrageous vibrant city of Berlin.

michel black

Here I lived and worked as a photographic model,  as a hairstylist,  as a bar/cafe tender,  and in the Television/movie/promotions business. However, travelling was in my blood so further exploration of the world followed to Asia,  Europe,  New Zealand and then Africa…Africa was where my fascination and passion for wild cats awoke and when a much deeper connection to the indigenous African culture developed.


Later,  when I lived in New Zealand,  I worked in my friend’s spiritual community.


Whilst living there I did landscape gardening,  bone carving,  cooking for the community,  spiritual workshops and re-birthing sessions. Also I was painting all my artwork for the up coming TRIBAL INSTINCT exhibition.


After all the re-birthing sessions I had a much better understanding of why I had such a deep connection with indigenous people.  I experienced  passed lives as  tribal people .  My second exhibition was about this and wild animals from Africa called TRIBAL-INSTINCT,  which was held in Brisbane,  Australia.

After several more trips to Australia I was drawn to live there.


My dream came true and I moved to Brisbane, where I did professional modelling,  became a life drawing model and continued my artistic work.  More exhibitions then followed,  this time in Sydney,  Melbourne and Brisbane.  At the launch of the of the exhibition Brisbane Cultural express we gladly received local television coverage and at the cultural art exhibition at Esk 2001 Australia, I won the first prize in Australian fauna & flora. I had other exhibitions in Berlin,  Frankfurt,  Bad Homburg,  Oberursel, Germany and in New Zealand.


Following my artistic instincts I first came in contact and experienced the warm calming energy of Reiki in New Zealand.  I felt curious and driven to understand and learn about this natural gift of the universe.  I trained in Reiki level one and two . In Australia I undertook further education in Ka-Huna Hawaiian massage and philosophy.

fish eye


It is of couse strongly based on nature,  flowing forms,  bright colours,  abstract and realistic images, photo images,  indigenous influences and the use of many different materials. These materials include canvas,  paper,  cardboard, wood,  glass, tiles,  mirrors,  colour pastels,  acrylic,  oil,  charcoal,  pencil…

Tattoos, body-piercings and the many different hairstyles are a further extension of my creative expression,  personality,  soul and lifestyle.


I call Melbourne,  Australia home but life goes on and what ever comes next is still unfolding as is my spiritual life-journey.  I am still drawn to create and  to travel to the Sahara Africa, Egypt, the Amazon South America, Mexico,  Polynesian Islands, Alaska, Paris, Rome, Moscow, New York and…

tiger 3


michel siona

MICHèL                                            …FREEDOM…


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